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Bridging the Gap in Mining
Operational Excellence
Who We Are

TBOS Consulting bridges the FMS excellence gap.

Our Story

"Bridging the FMS Excellence Gap"

TBOS Consulting was founded to offer operational excellence services in mining fleet management systems applications, bridging the gap between FMS deployments and the pursuit of excellence.

"Our Commitment"

We’re dedicated to being top-tier mining consultants, going the extra mile globally to maximize your FMS investments. Our expertise spans:”

Our Insights

"Insights from Global FMS Engagement"

Throughout our travels and having listened to FMS users and stakeholders globally, we see clear trends in issues facing mines. We have identified gaps in ways fleet management systems are implemented and utilized, the change management required for the introduction of a new system, training, and functionality configurations to network communications setup.

Mission 0

To be your preferred
FMS consultants in
delivering real ROI

Vision 0

Help mines achieve operational
excellence and get
the most from their FMS

Vision 0

We are Result-oriented.
Act with Integrity. We are Honest. We do Due

Our Strength

Maximizing Client Value
Through Expertise:

We are driven to get maximum value recognition for our clients globally

FMS Change Management

We specialize in guiding FMS deployments through seamless transitions.

Customer Advocacy

Stronger advocates for our customers in managing their FMS projects

Operational Due Diligence

Conduct due diligence in operational process improvement projects

User Support & Training

Support our customers to ensure they have skilled and knowledgeable people using the system

Corporate KPI Benchmarking

Establish corporate KPI benchmarking using metrics across the business

Best Practices & Recommendations

Set industry best practices and recommendations

Site Champion Training

Continuous training and coaching to make site champions

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